Meet One of Our New Members and Runway Stylist, Gila Skelly!

The Basics

Name: Gila Skelly

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Year: Junior

Major: Fashion Merchandise

Zodiac Sign: Aries

The Favorites

Favorite film:  Mulan, lol I can be a kid at heart sometimes.

Favorite food: Pasta 

Favorite song at the moment:  Let Nas Down - J.Cole

Favorite color:  Blush

Favorite TV Show: Right now, Archer.

Favorite place to visit in Buffalo: Panos, or Elmwood in general.

Favorite animal: Dog

HCBuffState: What was your position while working on Runway 9.0?

Gila: My position for Runway was a Senior Designer Stylist as well as a stylist for Student Collection.

HCBuffState: How was it helping put together a fashion show? Did it give you a glimpse into how it is done in the industry? 

​Gila:Putting the show together was a little stressful, there was moments where the ball would drop one too many times but somehow I managed to get it together. The job of a stylist is a lot because there's barely any room for mistakes when deadlines are approaching. I had to source hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories. Pair everything together to create a cohesive look and make sure my designer was satisfied. Sometimes, some of the designers would get catty with us but that's expected lol.

To be honest, I probably was a part of one of the best Runway teams. I expect drama and "personalities" but it didn't even feel like I was a part of a class, it really felt like I was just putting together a show with my closest friends. We really developed a bond no one can break and I am going to miss Runway.

It definitely did give me a glimpse of the industry and my professor made sure of that, from photoshoots to sourcing shoes (the amount of trips we had to make for these models, I don't want to see another outlet until school starts again lol).

I'll never forget Runway. I had an amazing professor, shout out to Erin Habes, you really do not know how much of an impact you've made in academic and professional career.

HCBuffState: What was your favorite part of Runway 9.0?

Gila:My favorite part of Runway was the Look Book Photoshoot. You probably would've thought I would pick a part of the show, but it really was the photoshoot. Also going to the outlet with my professor and some of my friends, that was a day to remember.

HCBuffState: If you could do it all over again, which position would you want to have and why?

Gila: If I would do it all over again, I think I would pick stylist or producer. I can't see myself doing anything else but those two.