Meet HC Member Maria Carr!

The Basic Facts

Name: Maria J. Carr

Year: 2016
Hometown: North Boston, New York
Major/Minor: Fashion & Textile Technologies: Apparel Design
The Favorites
Favorite film: Oh gosh that's hard to choose... uhmmmm Brides Maids? Only because I can literally quote 94% of the movie
Favorite food: Mexican cuisine (my weakness), Chipotle (don't even get me started), anything that feels like it's dancing in my mouth
Favorite song at the moment: Omen by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith (do yourself a favor and listen to this ASAP)
Favorite color: Emerald Green 
Favorite TV Show: hmmm, anything on Bravo! honestly. But its like a ridiculous tie between Say Yes! to the Dress, Bob's Burgers, Scandal, Grace & Frankie, That 70s show... a lot honestly haha! 
Favorite place to visit in Buffalo: I love the atmosphere of downtown, but I feel a lot of the surrounding towns don't get enough attention in Buffalo! So I'd have to say East Aurora, New York. It's just super cute and unique all on it's own and it's the home of Vidler's 5&10!
The Interesting Facts
Fun fact about yourself: I have a surgical screw in my left hip! For 10 years straight!!
If you could switch places with anybody for a week, who would it be and why: oh jeez, lets see, maybe a reality housewife. Specifically Lisa Vanderpump because not only is she British, but she's this like totally fabulous lady who doesn't take anyones shit.
Celebrity Crush: It's a three way tie between Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling & Ringo Starr
Guilty Pleasure: Chicken Wing Dip (ask my friends, its a serious matter) or trap shooting (I'm pretty darn great at it)
If you were stuck on a desert island for a week and could only have three things with you, what would they be?: and endless supply of happy cats, a boat & a flashlight (you never know when you'll need it)
Describe yourself in three words: Tall, Blonde & Sassy 
Relationship Status: single as a pringle
What do you look for in a guy: height is usually a good thing, i'm quite tall as well, but even if you're totally confident with dating a taller girl that's always refreshing as ever too!! Obviously a sense of humor, he has to like cats... or at least not hate them. Can tolerate my sassily sarcastic nature at times, but can also give it right back! :D
Holiday Edition: 
If you had to watch one holiday film everyday until December 25th, what would it be?: ...Can I pick 3, or at least if it was any of these three - Love Actually, A Year Without A Santa Claus & Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (the original of course!!) 
What is your favorite part about the holidays?: Probably all of the decorations and the lights, I love anything thats glitter or lights up!!
What has been the best present you've gotten so far?: I remember very very very specifically when i got my very first Barbie doll. I think I was 4 or 5? I remember I was with my whole family at my Grandparent's house and I ripped open the package and there she was!!! Ice Skating Barbie. I did a high pitch scream and and basically deafened my whole family. 
Favorite holiday-themed dessert?: So, I'm a German gal and my favorite Christmas treat is probably either lebkuchen or deutsche spritz kuchen! 
Do you and your family have traditions during this time of year? If so, what are they?: Yes and no haha Christmas Eve the whole family gets together and we have dinner, open gifts, all sorts of things! It's usually something slightly different each year.
If you could live out the plot of a holiday film, what would it be?: Probably the Grinch. Primarily because I think he was just misunderstood by the Whos and hello he's green, I feel like we would be friends.