Meet Amanda, One of Our Campus Correspondants!

The Basics

Name:  Amanda Velazquez 

Hometown: New York City 

Year: Senior

Major: Media Production

Zodiac Sign: Aries 

The Favorites - Holiday Edition

Favorite holiday film: hmm, tough one. I kind of love any holiday film/television show that's in a cartoon version. I mean who doesn't love cartoons? 

Favorite dessert: cake. Cheesecakes, chocolate and red velvet cake in particular.

Favorite Christmas song: Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas - Sam Smith 

Favorite thing to do during the holiday season: just being able to relax after a busy semester of school. Also, to spend time with family and friends.

Favorite Christmas memory: getting a gift and having to open so many boxes just to get to the actual gift.

The Interesting Facts

Hobbies: playing sports, videography, editing, shopping, watching tv/Netflix.

Celebrity Crush: Justin Timberlake, of course.

If you could travel to any country and stay for two weeks, where would you go? Canada. Even though I've been there already, I would love to stay for a longer amount of time to really be able to explore the country. Two weeks would be perfect!

If you won the lottery, what would you do: buy a house, a bunch of video equipment, and car, household items, buy food, and donate some to different organizations.

What are your aspirations: to be truly happy doing what I love in the field of television and film. 

What is something you love about the holiday season: getting a break from school 

What is the best gift you received for Christmas: a phone and an iPad.