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HC SUNY Buff State Staff Appreciation: April Baptiste-Brown

April’s Quote to Live By: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thy own understanding.”

This week we are featuring HC Buff State’s own April Baptiste-Brown, a regular campus correspondent and photographer.  She is very easy to spot, seeing as she has a huge smile and personality with big hair to match.

Besides being a dedicated HC Buff State, April is a Jackie of all Trades if you will, having a hand in a number of on campus organizations as well as being a double major in media and criminal justice. She is the vice president of the Communications Honor Society, the former President and current Recording Secretary of S.P.i.R.i.T. Gospel Choir, on the judicial board for Residence Life and member of the Criminal Justice Club.

How she manages to juggle so much and yet stay so grounded is a mystery to some. April credits this to her faith in God. “You know I used to ask what has God done for me lately? Laughingly however one day I just stopped and thought about it. I realized that he has been doing everything and continues to bless me despite myself. I’m still standing. I’m still able to be involved on campus and not give a lack there of myself to anyone organization. Its kinda like I have the ability to be every where at once.”

Sherrell Gaillard is a senior Media Production/Journalism dual major at SUNY Buffalo State College. She is from Brooklyn NY and she loves to set her hands on anything creative and inspiring. Her likes include but not limited to reading, photography and writing to her novels on her spare time.
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