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The Five Nice Things You Can Do To Be The Ultimate Collegiette!

Here at Buffalo State, we have nice girls and not so nice girls (but then which school doesn’t right?) Well Collegiettes, here are five things you can do to show you are a nice girl and help benefit someone else! You just might get that tingly feeling inside when you do something great for others!


Thing #1
www.causeon.comoffers deals on items for events to items in your everyday life. When you buy something from off their site, 20% of the proceeds goes to help support multitudes of charities in your local community. Not only are you getting a deal for yourself, your helping others around you that are in need!

Thing #2
If you donate $25 to www.womenforwomen.org, you can help women living in war torn countries by buying them a sewing kit so that they can start their own business and become a tailor. Collegiettes can help women that are in need by helping other women go down the path of them developing a craft that could help thousands!

Thing #3
By going on www.thebreastcancersite.comand just clicking the pink button, you help provide women to get free mammograms! Collegiettes you have to save the tatas!

Thing #4
If you donate to www.equalitynow.org, it helps to put sexual abusers behind bars and it also provides counseling services, and legal support to victims. We have to stick together as women to support this cause!

And lastly Thing# 5 (So Cute!)
If you donate $50 to www.animaladvocatesalliance.org, it helps gets defenseless cats and dogs out of high kill animal shelters, put them on the right track of health and provides them with the chance to get a loving home. Collegiettes love pets too!

Ladies, these causes will help others and you will feel good about the choice you have made if you donate. With you just thinking about another person and you providing your services, can change the life of someone for the better.
Source of websites: Glamour magazine

Kimberly Drummond is a senior Public Communication major at SUNY Buffalo State College. Being from Brooklyn, NY she always had a love for city lights. She enjoys writing, reading, photography, and the occasional curling up to a glossy fashion magazine now and then.
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