The Feels of a Graduating Senior as Told by Grey's Anatomy

Well, the end of the semster is quickly approaching and by quickly, I mean two weeks! As a senior about to graduate, I can honsetly say that all the feels are starting to hit me. If you're a senior, then you totally understand! You're probably going through the same insane phases, going back and forth between being super excited to graduate and never wanting to leave college! Well the good new is, you're not alone! We're all going through them togther with our fave cast,

1.) Senioritis kicks in

2.) When people start asking you about what you wanna do after you graduate, but you have no clue so you just sit there like

3.) When you hear freshman saying they can't wait to graduate

4.) When your "finals" are giant group projects that consume your life and make you hate everyone

5.) When the nostalgia starts to kick in and you feel the need to go to every campus event, party, bar, park or place you've ever gone to

6.) Realizing that you don't know how to adult

7.) Not wanting to leave your squad

8.) Waiting for grad school acceptance letters and job offers like

8.) The inevitable saddness that comes with packing up your entire dorm

9.) The excitment of Graduation Day

10.) Post-grad blues

But have no fear guys! Because all though graduating in itself is a roller coaster of emotions, it's a huge accomplishment and you're college squad is your forever squad! So give it up for the Class of 2016!