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Fashion issues? Sabby to the Rescue!!

I have a huge party coming up in a few days and I bought this amazing Calvin Klein taffeta dress with frills and all!  A few days later when I tried the dress on for a second time I noticed the zipper is flimsy and it feels tighter than I remember around my waist.  I really want to wear this dress for the party and I only have a short time to fix it!  Should I just get another dress?  Or try fixing it myself?


The taffeta dress sounds like a dream and it would be a shame to see it hanging in your closet with nowhere to go!  I suggest searching for a few tailors in your area and calling them up to inquire on prices and such.  I would not suggest you trying to fix the dress yourself as it could cause the dress to tear and look unappealing.  A professional is your best bet and if you do not get the dress finished in time, you may have to don another dress, as horrible as that sounds.  But, just because you may have to wear another dress to this party does not mean you can’t wear it to an even more fabulous event!

Good luck!



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