The Do's and Don'ts of Finals Weeks

Finals Week is a very stressful time in a student's life. There are papers to write, books to study, exams to take, and projects to complete. Many people end up stressing themselves out to the max, causing their week to be the worst ever. However, there are ways to survive this stressful period without crashing and burning. Here some Do's and Don'ts of Finals Week and how you can come out on top. 

1. DO try to pass your examsYou've done well in these classes up to this point. Don't give up now. Try your best to pass your exams, even if it's with a C! Passing is passing, and you'll feel great knowing you did your best. 

2. DON'T stress yourself out This is definitely easier said than done. However, it is very important that you do not stress yourself out. It can lead to you doing poorly on your work and will put you in a bad mood. Plus, it'll give you headaches and that's a death sentence during finals. Try relaxing techniques to get your mind to calm down. Also, walk away when it become too overwhelming. Take a breather and then jump back in when you're ready. 

3. DO take breaks 

Breaks are quintessential during this time. It will allow you take time away from your work and have some relaxing moments. Since this is such a tense time, you need to take 10-20 minute breaks to ease your mind. It'll help in the long run and make your brain not feel like it wants to explode. 

4. DON'T wait until the last minute Don't do your entire assignment at the last minute. This will definitely cause stress and may cause you get a lower grade. Do it in a timely manner-complete a little each day. It'll save you time and energy. 

5. DO eat

Remember to eat, and eat well. Eating nutritional food will keep you energized and keep your brain powered. It can also help you focus better. Plus, you shouldn't be starving  while trying to complete a paper or studying.   

6. DONT only eat junk food

Junk food is a go-to for students because it's quick and cheap. However, don't solely rely on this. It'll make you feel sluggish and you won't be getting the necessary nutrients. It'll just make it harder to concentrate on your work.