Dating in College Isn't as Bad as You Think

We’ve all been led to believe that college dating is nothing but drunken hookups and messy situations. Those movies and MTV shows definitely set the stage for a bad reputation. And while it is partly true, there is some true love and dating that does go on in college.

For starters, not everyone in college is just looking to hook up (which is perfectly fine btw). The idea of everyone meeting up to have sex is just a silly stereotype. Not every guy you’ll meet is sex-crazed; there are some guys out there that are looking for healthy, fulfilling relationships - you just have to find them.

The key to this is to be honest and open with the guys you meet (this should be vice versa too!). Being upfront from the beginning would allow both parties to be on the same page and to make sure no one is getting their feelings hurt. Now, I cannot guarantee that someone will always be honest, but there are bound to be a few who set the scene from the start.

There is no secret code or manual to finding the right one for you; they will often come to you when you least expect it. It could be the cute guy you sit next to in English, or the tall guy in the café, it could even be one of your many friends. Whoever it is, just know that there are so many prospects on your campus so be open to them.

College dating can be very convenient, especially if you and your partner live in the dorms. You can go to the cafeteria together, study together, and ever nap together.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to be that cute couple on campus.

In my experience, I have been able to successfully date and go on dates with guys I have met in school. Some of these dates did not lead into a relationship, however, the point is that I still found several opportunities in my romantic life.

Whatever crazy thoughts or doubts you have about dating in college should be left on the TV screen where you found them. Of course there are hookups in college, but there are successful romances that bloom also. Don’t let what you see on TV or hear from friends fool you, there is hope for meeting that special someone while in school.