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Confused with your dude? Sabby to the rescue!

I am in need of some serious advice!  My boyfriend and I went to a mutual friend’s get together a week ago and while I was chatting with a friend, I noticed my man talking to a pretty girl.  Now, I am not the jealous type but as I looked closer, I could see her flirting with him and slipping a piece of paper down his pants pocket.  Later, when I asked him about the incident, he brushed it off saying she was drunk and was just talking to her.  I listened to him but I didn’t really believe him.  I don’t want to turn into one of those crazy, obsessive girlfriends but I feel like he’s hiding more about that girl than I know.  What should I do!?

Yeah, becoming a crazy, obsessive girlfriend is not the path you want to go down, it does more harm than good.  If you still believe he is hiding something about that night I would calmly approach him and tell him exactly how you feel.  Let him know that you care and even though you believe him, you want to make sure that the girl stays in his past, not his future.  Listen to your gut because it will always guide you to what you need to do.  And above all, always stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone fool you.

Good luck!



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