Ashleigh-Ann Sutherland '15

Name- Ashleigh-Ann Sutherland
Class Status- Senior
Graduation Year- 2015
Age- 20
Major- Political Science
Quote to live by- "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” - Eric Thomas
If you had any super power what would it be- I would want to be invisible! 
HC Buff State: Who is your biggest inspiration?
Ashleigh: My mother is my biggest inspiration. She came to this country so that my brother and I had a fear chance at success. Her struggles are my catalysts. Because of my mother, I succeed. 
HC Buff State: What things have you  done or organizations are you a part of on campus and what you have you learned from them?
Ashleigh: I have been a member of the United Students Government (USG) for my entire collegiate career. If I have learned anything from this experience it is that you should always begin with the end in mind. Also, you have to know your passion and purpose and you are willing to sacrifice to stay true to them.
HC Buff State: Why did you come to buff state?
Ashleigh: I came to Buffalo State because it was the school furthest away from home, Queens, New York.
HC Buff State: What have been some of your best and worst experiences while attending buff state?
Ashleigh: Best: I have met some great people here. I have been able to taste success. I have been given great chances at things that I never thought were possible.
Worst: Oh man, the weather. The weather is definitely the worst experience that I have had, haha. 
HC Buff State: How would you describe your experience here at buff state?
Ashleigh: Buffalo State was very rewarding for me. Buffalo State has molded me into being one step closer to my dreams. Because of Buffalo State I know what my next steps are. 
HC Buff State: What do you hope to do when you graduate?
Ashleigh: This summer I will be interning for a New York State Senator and I start graduate school in the fall at the University at Albany. 
HC Buff State: What is your biggest motivation to continue on as a student here at buff state?
Ashleigh: I am my own motivation, to be honest. I know what I want out of life and I knew that the only way to achieve those things was to continue on being a student at Buffalo State. 
HC Buff State: What advice can you give  to females who go to buff state?
Ashleigh: Females, you are loved. But love yourself more than anyone else ever could. Be your own catalyst for success. Do not allow yourself to be defined by your past. Do not allow yourself to be defined by those around you. Be you. Be great. Buffalo State is only the beginning. Figure out your next step.
**All of us here at Her Campus Buff State wish Ashleigh all the best of luck on all her future endeavors and congratulater her on completing her college career here at buff state as class of 2015!