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Andrea Musolino ’16


Name – Andrea Musolino    


Age – 21


Class status – Junior


Major – Communication Studies


Zodiac Sign – Sagittarius


Relationship status – Single


Quote to live by – Doin’


If you could have any superpower what would it be? – To fly


Favorite food – Quest Bars


Favorite movie – Brides Maids


Favorite sport – Watching Hockey


Ideal date – Anything fun


One interesting fact about yourself – I model


Social medias – Twitter and Instagram: @andreamusolino

Corrinne Wheatley, originally from Syracuse, NY, is a junior at Buffalo State College. She is studying communications with a concentration in Journalism. Corrinne has always loved writing and photography as well as art and dance. She is also very active in the fashion scene on campus taking part in a number of fashion shows that showcase the work of Buffalo State fashion students. After graduation Corrinne would like to move to a big city, preferably LA or New York, and work in the entertainment news business.
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