8 Hair and Beauty YouTube Bloggers You Need To Start Following If You Haven't Yet

Hair and beauty vloggers have become a big part of our culture. Here are eight vloggers you need to start following for beauty and hair tips.

1. KiitanaXO Channel's Focus: Crochet braid hairstyles

Why you should follow: She has easy-to-follow tutorials on crochet braids and teaches you different ways to style your hair with them. 

2. Jaleesa Moses

Channel's Focus: Make-up & hairstyles for natural hair

Why you should follow: Jalessa's videos shows you, from start ot finish, how to get her exact look. She also explains the process, instead of just showing you the products and applying them. `

3. Lillith Moon 

Channel's Focus: creative hairstyles and makeup tutorials for different events 

Why you should follow: her tutorials are quick and she has a bunch of different styles to choose from! 

4. NikkieTutorials

Channel's Focus: Make-up Tutorials

Why you should follow:

5. SunKissAlba

Channel's Focus: natural/organic hair and beauty tutorials

Why you should follow: all of her hair and beauty tutorials features organic and natural products; she features videos of her fiance and son, giving viewers a look into her life

6. Teni Panosian

Channel's Focus: make-up tutorials

Why you should follow: she explains everything, from the product to why she uses it to how to apply, which helps you learn a bunch of information in one video

7. Nitraab 

Channel's Focus: Make-up 

Why you should follow: She has a bunch of different videos, from tutorials to beauty hauls to routines one could try. 

8. Jackie Aina 

Channel's Focus: Make-up

Why you should follow: She doesn't just focus on tutorials - she does videos on make-up hauls, inexpensive vs expensive makeup, trends, and the basics of makeup