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7 Shows You Should Binge Watch

Have some spare time? Need something to do this weekend while you’re in your dorm, escaping the rain and snow showers? Binge watching is here to save the day and help you escape your miseries. Spend the weekend watching a television show you haven’t seen before on websites like Netflix or Hulu and your life will be complete. Here is a list of 7 of the best television shows to get you started!

1.     Prison Break

What’s it about:  Michael Scofield is a desperate man who goes to desperate measures to help his brother Lincoln Burrows ,who was wrongfully convicted of a crime, escape from jail.

2.     Breaking Bad

What’s it about: A chemistry teacher thinks his life is over when he is diagnosed with cancer: his salary doesn’t make ends meet, his wife is pregnant, and his son is battling cerebral palsy. He is faced with the dilemna of how to pay for his cancer treatments.

3.     Grey’s Anatomy

What’s it about: Intern (and eventual resident) Meredith Grey is a doctor caught up in personal and professional issues within her job at a Seattle hospital.

4.     Law and Order: SVU

What’s it about: Detectives of the Special Victims Unit in New York City investigate crimes, such as sexual assault and murder, against the vulnerable who are top on their list.

5.     Jane the Virgin

What’s it about: After vowing to remain abstinent until marriage, Jane finds out she is pregnant due to a medical error which turns her life into shambles.

6.     Nikita

What’s it about?: Nikita is a young woman who was rescued from death row by a government agency called Division. They faked her execution and trained her to be an assassin.

7.     Lost

What’s it about?: A plane crash leaves 48 people stranded on an island with survivor’s hoping for a rescue, only to learn that the island isn’t what it seems it is.

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