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5 Ways to Know You Are About to Lose a Good Thing

What If I told you that you’ve already met the person that could change your life, if you would only let them? Time and time again, we are so caught up with what catches our eye, but what if I also told you that the person who caught your eye is just bait. Imagine that they were created to distract you, to test you, to see if you were wise enough to see past the illusion. I am tired of people being trapped in toxic relationships because they looked past someone that didn’t want anything more from them than to make their experience on earth a better one. The idea that we have about love can be dangerous because it can lead us to look pass the qualities in a person that we need, like stability, respect, and support. We run to the passion and thrill, then whine about how evil love is when we get hurt because we didn’t invest in creating a stable foundation. We crave the emotional roller coasters, a passionate argument, and possessiveness because it makes us feel alive. Whether you are the hopeless romantic or the bad guy trying to turn a new leaf, here are five ways to know that you are about to lose a good thing:

1.       They become emotionally distant. 

Before, they use to call you all the time and would  always be available. You probably got annoyed by it or took it for granted because you didn’t value it. But once they stop being available to you, they are in the process of moving on. When you start a confrontation with them, they won’t fight for you or budge because they have reached their breaking point. Their conversations are dry and distant. 

2.       They are physically distant.

They used to always make time for you, but now they are too busy. Before, they would stop anything they were doing to give you their time, but all of a sudden they have things to do. It’s not that they weren’t busy before, you are just no longer a priority.

3.       They are living fine without you.

When someone becomes comfortable without you it’s their way of moving on. Before they begged you to be a part of their lives and wanted to be a part of yours. They no longer have a interest in making you a part of their life. They make new friends and go out more because they moving on without you. 

4.       They seem happier

They are not happier because life got better, they are happier because their life it better without you. People get tired of fighting for someone who won’t fight for them. When someone is willing to compromise what they want to make you happy and you don’t budge, this can cause someone to feel unappreciated and taken for granted.

5.       If someone shows them the love you didn’t.

Once this happens, your chances of keeping that person are slim. They learned to love themselves enough to raise their standards and you haven’t met them. At this point, you have to do some soul searching and evaluate where you went wrong. This is the worst of all signs and you don’t want to get to this point. 

Whether you decide to fight for it or learn from it, recognize when you’ve come across a good thing before you lose it. Do this before you start fresh with someone new down the line, or the results will be the same.

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