17 Thoughts We All Had While Listening to Zayn's New Single "Pillowtalk"

By now, you probably have heard Zayn's debut single "Pillowtalk". If you haven't, stop what you're doing and go listen to it. Now.

Zayn released his new song, along with a music video featuring Gigi Hadid, last Thursday night and it has already taken off. The video has reached over 25 millions views on Youtube and the single is number one on Spotify. Here are some thoughts we all had while listening to this incredible song. 

1. Am I ready for this? I don't think I'm ready for this.

2. F*** it, I’m ready for this.

3. Yes, it's a R&B song!

4. I have missed this voice so much

5. His voice is so beautiful!

6. His voice is like butter.



7. It should be illegal to sound this good.

8. I still can't believe he is a solo artist

9. I'm so glad he is a solo artist

10. Wait, is he talking about sex?

11. Yep, he is definitely talking about sex.

12. I am so here for this.

13. Can he please just sing me to sleep?

14. Why do I live in a world where Zayn doesn’t know I exist?

15. This song better win a grammy!

16. I think I found a new song to obsess over.

17. Seriously, when is this album dropping?