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11 Signs You’re Already Over the Cold Weather

Fall is officially over, according to Buffalo. It was only a matter of time before the cold took over and students had to pull out their winter clothes. Some students enjoy this type of weather, smiling away as they hold their large coffees. Others loathe it, wishing for warmth and cursing themselves for ever coming to this school. Here are some signs that you are already over the cold. 

1. You internally scream when you hear there is snow in the forecast. 

2. You look through photos from the summer and instantly become filled with sadness

3. You skip your morning class because you're tired of freezing on your walk to class

4. You go from buying coffee to keep you awake to buying coffee to keep you warm

5. Rolling your eyes whenever you see snow on TV beomes a routine thing

6. "It's too cold" is your response everytime your friends want to go out at night

7. You've begun counting down to the first day of summer (only 198 days left)

8. You always look pissed off anytime you have to walk outside

9. Anytime someone says "I can't wait for it to snow", you immediately shoot them this look 

10. Spending your weekends in your warm room is now a normal thing that you're okay with

11. You put on as much layers as you can in hopes of blocking out the cold

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