10 Signs You're The Mom of Your Friend Group

Everybody has that one friend who becomes the Mom of the group. You ensure your friends are always okay and you don't hesistate to help them out. You also don't mind going out of your way to make sure they navigate through college with ease. In denial of the role you have in your friend group? Well, here are ten signs that you ARE the mom of your friends. 

1. You make sure all of your friends get home safe during a night outImage result for helping drunk friend gif

2. You voluntarily become the DD for the night. Image result for designated driver gif

3. When you see your friends about to do something questionable, you shut it down. get your shit together kristen wiig lsat bridesmaid

4. Anytime one of your friends are sad, you make it a goal to cheer them up. 

Image result for you is kind you is smart gif

5. You're always there to comfort your friend when they don't feel well

alec baldwin

6. You make sure your friends get their work done, even if they get annoyed by you nagging them 

7. You're everyone's personal therapistImage result for therapist gif

8. When your friends start arguing, you make sure it gets handled quickly

Image result for stopping a fight gif

9. Taking care of your friends means you make sure they always have everything they need

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10. You stop your friends from making stupid decisionsno the office michael scott