10 Signs Your College Friends Will Be In Your Life Forever

Having friends in college can help one navigate through college way easier than if they were alone. Some friends will come and go throughout your four years. However, there will be those ones that will stick it out with you and stay in your life even after graduation. Here are some signs that they friends you've made will always be in your life. 

1. They make sure you make it home after a long night out

2. You've poured your heart out to them at least once

3. You've spent many late nights doing nothing and still had fun

4. They've seen you at your worse and you're still friends 

5. During school breaks, you find yourself texting them all the time 

6. They're the main reason you got through college with your sanity intact

7.  Arguments happened but you made up afterwards

8. You've lived with them at least once and it didn't end your friendship

9. They know as much about you as your best friend from home 

10. When you picture life after graduation, they are still there