The World's Hottest New Guessing Game: What Will Meghan Markle Name Her Baby?

News Flash: Meghan Markle is pregnant, but you probably already knew that. The question is, though, what will her baby’s name be? Will it be unconventional and spunky like Cardi B’s “Kulture” and Beyonce’s “Blue Ivy” or will it be refined and proper like the child of a Duchess’s name should be? Or maybe the more important question is how will it be announced when she finally chooses a name? Will we find out through social media? Will someone spill the beans and leak the information before the happy couple wants to announce it? Guess we will all just be left guessing until the celebratory day arrives.

In the meantime, I have done my research and fully exhausted my social resources to come up with four solid potential baby names. They all have strong potential, but time will tell if they are good enough for Meghan Markle.



If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you know that Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe already have a baby Samuel of their own. The name is refined, powerful, and roles off the tongue well. It is often thought of as a biblical name, and in Hebrew is means “name of God” or “God has heard.” Will the happy couple want to go this religious route?



Naming a child can be tough, but often times it is best to keep the same names circulating within one family. Taking this into consideration, maybe Harry will want to honor his father, Prince of Wales, and name his baby Charles. But will Meghan think that is a little odd naming her son after her father-in-law? 



Ah Victoria, a classic. When we think of royalty it is hard not to immediately think about the name Victoria. Victoria is Latin for “victory” or “conquer,” as it was the name of the goddess of victory, corresponding to Nike, the Greek goddess. Yeah, now you know how Nike got its name too! Queen Victoria was obviously an icon in history, and maybe this new baby will be too.



Last, but certainly not least: Peter. A short and sweet name, but one that can also come with cute nicknames. Meghan can refer to her newborn as “Petey” to be cute, or maybe “Pete” when he starts to grow up. Peter means “stone” in Greek which is not very exciting, however in the Bible Peter was one of the first disciples called at the time of Jesus’ ministry. It is a name that never ages, and hopefully will be a contender for the royal couple.