Why We Shouldn't Wish Our Time at College Away

At this point in the semester, it’s easy – expected almost – to get bogged down, fed up and stressed out. Post midterms (which, we all know happen multiple times a semester so calling them midterms is entirely inaccurate), we all feel like we’ve been through the ringer and find solace in anxiously anticipating holiday breaks. After so much time in a university bubble, we all could use time to recuperate. And there’s truly something to be said for a long holiday break catching up on shows, spending time with family and home friends, and getting home cooked meals.

But it’s important to recognize that our time on a college campus is, by definition, limited. The four to five years we spend in college are extraordinarily precious. It’s easy to wish the time away, but these are some of the best four years of our lives. And the worst part? The more fun we have, the more comfortable we yet, and the happier we are, and the faster the time seems to go.

At points, college can be grueling, and that’s out of our control. But what you can control, is your attitude. Take your time. Put yourself of your comfort zone. Be as nice as you possibly can to everyone, because you never know how you’ll reconnect with them down the line. Stand up for the things you believe in. Laugh at yourself. Take lots of pictures, because they are a collection of memories. Don’t take yourself too seriously, just seriously enough.

You’ve been given the opportunity to have an incredible experience here, cherish it.