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Dogs. Man’s best friend, woman’s best friend, really just everyone’s best friend. They love us unconditionally and never judge us (or maybe they do, we just don’t know). Without dogs, who would snuggle up with us late at night while watching our favorite movie or wake us up every morning by sniffing under our bedroom door trying to open it? No matter what happens, a dog will always be by your side through thick and thin.

I, myself, have two dogs: one yellow Labrador named Allie and one Entlebucher named Tucker. Yes, I will explain what an Entlebucher is because there is not one person I have talked to who has ever known what breed Tucker is. Tucker is basically a small Bernese Mountain Dog with short hair and big personality! He is a herding dog and he won’t let you forget it! Trying to cook some eggs for breakfast? Tucker will circle you anywhere from 10 to 10,000 times waiting for a little yolk to drop in his mouth. Although rambunctious, when it winds down to the end of the day, Tucker really is just one big marshmallow. He is tired of chasing squirrels and turkeys and just wants to snuggle up with his Piggy toy for the rest of the night.

Allie is the opposite of Tucker: mellow, loving, but definitely has some ‘tude! If you take her spot on the sofa you best believe she will seclude herself in the crate for the rest of the night in protest. Her sofa spot is off limits! Allie is older, so unfortunately she has lost her hearing, but my family and I always joke that we think she has selective hearing. If you call her in while she’s frolicking in the yard she will never hear you but right when we say the word “cookie” or “dinner” she seems to wake herself up from a deep slumber ASAP. Allie is the perfect cuddle buddy, sunbathing partner, and all around best friend. She gives lots of kisses and will nap with you at any hour of the day- it’s her biggest talent. 

There is nothing I look forward to more than coming home from college and running towards my dogs with their wagging tails and tongues out in excitement. They sniff me all over trying to figure out what I’ve been doing, where I’ve gone, and what other dogs I have cheated on them with at school. God forbid I hang out with another dog that’s not them! Allie and Tucker are certainly my best friends and I only wish everyone was as lucky as me to have fluffy companions like them. 


Amanda Christy

Bucknell '21

I am a senior computer engineering student from Boston, Massachusetts. I love to play tennis, hang out with friends, and especially enjoy writing in my free time!
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