Why Black Panther is the Movie We All Need Right Now

*WARNING: Some spoilers may occur.*


As Black Panther continues to break box office records and smash societal norms there is no doubt that this movie does not deserve all the praise it is earning. According to Forbes Magazine, in just the second weekend of its release, the film made $108 million. Despite Hollywood’s constant standpoint that nonwhite male movies “don’t sell,” society is clearly fighting back in proving that films that promote diversity are just what we all want and need. The world is tired of the typical movie plot line in which each outcome seems to be becoming more and more predictable. The diversity in Black Panther not only creates positive representation for the Black community, but allows the rest of the world to learn about a culture other than the one that has dominated for too long.


The film is set in the idealistic society of Wakanda, a secret African country. Wakanda is a  Utopian society, surrounded by the rest of the world which reflects our modern society. Compared to the rest of the world, Wakanda is thriving due to technological advancements. The extreme success of Wakanda acts as an eye opening metaphor towards African colonialism. Wakanda is supposed to represent all the potential Africa has as a continent, if it had just been left alone by outside countries and was allowed to find itself. Africa is filled with prosperous resources and potential, yet a lot of it was destroyed and abused by European influences. Black Panther therefore acts as a way for society to reflect on African culture and realize that the content is more than the third world countries we all strongly associate it with today.


Another way that the country of Wakanda thrived is through its powerful women. In Wakanda, men and women aren’t threatened by one another. There is a general understanding that in order for the country as a whole to survive and thrive, women have to use their full potential. Thus, we see strong women characters who have the roles such as technological engineers, army generals and government leaders. In Wakanda, there is no question that these women are second to men. In fact, the women in this film are what fuels and makes the city of Wakanda so prosperous. Despite a few men in leadership, women, more specifically women of color, are the ones that keep Wakanda one step ahead of the rest of the world. Actress Danai Gurira who plays Okoye, describes the film as “fully feminine and fully fierce.” The plethora of powerful women in this film not only inspires all women but more importantly women of color who are so underrepresented in the media.


Whether you are a Marvel film fanatic or prefer your romcom to an action movie, Black Panther is a film you simply cannot miss. The film provides fantastic role models and representation to the Black community as well as incorporating an incredible plot line, intricate graphics, heart stopping action and hysterical humor. Not to mention the references to popular meme culture. Black Panther will be sure to expose you to new perspectives all while having you desperately waiting for the sequel to be announced.


“Wakanda Forever.”