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WE DO Campaign & Alumni Events: A Student Perspective

They say there’s nothing stronger than the Bucknell Alumni Network. And as a current senior who’s been involved in various alumni events, there’s no doubt that Bucknellians know how to—and want to—stick together, no matter where they go.

A great example of Bison pride is Bucknell’s WE DO Campaign. The campaign events, which span from coast to coast and covered some of the country’s greatest cities, give alumni from each area the chance to interact with one another and learn why giving to Bucknell is important.

Expected to end in 2017, the WE DO Campaign set a goal of raising $500 million for the University. As of October 2014, the campaign raised more than $325 million in gifts and donations. According to the Bucknell website, these are the main goals of the WE DO Campaign:

  1. To increase our endowment, because of its importance to the University’s success and our ability to provide the first-rate Bucknell educational experience.
  2. To invest new resources in our students, faculty, programs and campus.
  3. To engage alumni, parents and other friends in this and future campaigns    as donors, volunteers and advocates for Bucknell.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what actually happens at these WE DO Campaign events. Essentially, each event is structured to not only give alumni the chance to interact with current students, faculty and staff, but a significant portion of each event is devoted to hearing from President Bravman and other faculty members about why Bucknell needs the support of alumni to become a better institution. For example, at the WE DO D.C. and Los Angeles events this year, President Bravman gave an in-depth presentation to all alumni, faculty, staff, students and honored guests about the exciting changes happening at Bucknell that are intended benefit undergraduates for years to come. While it’s one thing to talk about these changes, President Bravman also suggests at each WE DO event that the only way they can happen is with the support from alumni donors and givers.

Also at the WE DO Campaign events, two different professors get the chance to talk about their work: courses they teach, work they do with students, or changes they want to make to their respective academic departments. These “Snap Talks” are intended to inform alumni about the current academic culture happening at Bucknell, but also to encourage alumni to donate in order to enhance and improve these academic programs.

After all the speeches and talks, alumni are treated to a delicious “Strolling Dinner” and cocktails as they mingle with other Bucknellians. And for the WE DO Campaign events, the University spares no expense: each venue is as extravagant as the next (think the Smithsonian Art Museum and The Price is Right! Television Studio…), and every bite of food and drink is as delicious as one would hope.

But even if you don’t have the chance to attend a WE DO event, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to mix and mingle with Bucknellians of all class years after you graduate:

  • For starters, there’s Reunion Weekend at the University in late May/early June. Each year, a different set of class years is invited back to the University to learn about current campus life and connect with Bucknell again. (More information: http://www.bucknell.edu/Reunion)
  • Homecoming Weekend happens every fall at Bucknell and gives alumni and current student the chance to catch up, watch the big football game and reconnect with one another. (More information: http://www.bucknell.edu/alumni-relations/stay-connected/homecoming.html)
  • There are plenty of Bucknell Regional Clubs for you to join post-graduation. The leaders of these clubs host happy hours, dinners and events for all Bucknellians living and working in a specific area, like New York City or Philadelphia. (More information: http://www.bucknell.edu/RegionalClubs)
  • The Bucknell Professional Network empowers Bucknellians to participate in a variety of educational experiences with one another to engage with the University in meaningful ways. Events include Coffee Talks, Breakfast/Happy Hour Industry-Specific Receptions, and other Industry-Focused Events. (More information: http://www.bucknell.edu/BPN)
  • Want to see your Bucknell friends over the summer? Why not travel or hangout on campus together? Bucknell offers two programs, the Alumni Travel Program (more information: http://www.bucknell.edu/TravelProgram) and the Alumni and Summer Guest Program (more information: http://www.bucknell.edu/events-management-office/alumni-and-summer-guest-program.html). Through these programs, you can either travel the world with fellow Bucknellians, or book an apartment in Bucknell West (The Mods) with your best college friends for a weekend reunion.
  • Once you graduate Bucknell, all Bucknellians are automatically members of the Bucknell Alumni Association. Read here for all the benefits of being a lifetime member of this association: http://www.bucknell.edu/alumni-relations/programs-benefits-and-resources/benefits.html
  • The Bucknell Alumni App is a great, easy way to connect with alumni from all over the world. Be sure to download it on your Smart Phone today and start connecting with Bucknell alumni from all over!

Clearly, Bucknell cares about you. Bucknell wants you to stay involved after you graduate. And Bucknell makes it easy for you to connect with other Bucknellians. So why not do it?

As undergraduates, we imagine that leaving Bucknell will be difficult. But the reality is, Bucknell is everywhere you go…if you just look for it and stay involved.

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