Virginia Breaks the Glass Ceiling for Transgender People


In a society filled with hatred and bigotry, Virginia has prevailed. This past election day this swing state elected Danica Roem, a transgender women, a part of their state legislature. Danica Roem successfully defeated her Republican counterpart who held position in office for 15 years. Her opponent, Bob Marshall calls himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” whose plans were to continue making equality for the LGBTQ community a challenge. While Marshall’s main goal was to demoralize transgender people, his hatred is what ultimately inspired Roem to run for his position. Clearly, the citizens of Virginia agreed that is was time for change in their state.

Roem is known for her progressive public policy and campaigned in favor of all social issues that affect everyone and don’t discriminate against minority groups. Although Roem has many plans to stop discrimination against the LGBTQ community, she also has the best interests in mind for everyone. In an interview with Mother Jones, Ms. Roem stated that “we shouldn’t just be pigeonholed into the idea that we’re just going to be fighting about bathrooms.” Just because she is a transgender woman doesn’t mean she only cares about transgender issues, she cares about the issues for everyone. As a transgender woman and citizen, Roem strives to use her position in power for the good of all people. Her campaign was based just as much upon public policy as it did on her identity.

As Danica Roem joins the Virginia state government, she is breaking the glass ceiling for the entire transgender community. Transgender men and women all over the country now have a role model in politics to look up to. Hopefully, Danica Roem’s story inspires more and more people to run for office or obtain positions of power in their careers. Ms. Roem has begun to set a new standard that a person's identity does not affect their self-worth and ability to lead.