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Unique Gifts to Give Your Valentine This Year!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many are looking for gifts to give their Valentine that stray away from the basic heart-shaped box of chocolates and flowers. While teddy bears, flowers, and chocolates are a Valentine’s Day staple, the demand for some new and unique gift ideas is on the rise. Especially if you’ve shared many Valentine’s Days together already, it makes sense why you wouldn’t want to give your valentine the same three things year after year. Here are some cute and unique gift ideas for those who want to give something special to their valentine this year:

Something useful to them

Sometimes the best gifts to give are ones that they can actually make use of. This can include anything that relates to their hobbies, passions, or job such as a set of paint brushes for the artist in your life or a cute stand mixer for a devoted baker. A common gift, but one that you need to be careful about, is clothing. Clothing related gifts work best if you are already in a relationship with your valentine. Buying clothes for someone is difficult as they can be expensive and require a lot of prior knowledge and planning such as their size, their style, and what kind of clothes they already have or don’t have. However, if all of this information is already known, clothes can be a heartfelt gift to show that you really understand your valentine and what they like. It is also something that will last and that they can use indefinitely as clothes are always a necessity. Plus, every time they wear it they will think of you!

Snack boxes 

A snack box is more of a general gift idea that works even if you don’t know your valentine very well yet. Also, let’s be honest, sometimes the best gift to get someone is food. It’s a gift that is best for people who like to snack, which is most people. A snack box is a special way to avoid the basic heart-shaped box of chocolates dilemma and show that you put time and effort into constructing a personalized array of snacks for your valentine! On top of the obvious mouth-watering appeal, you can even make the snack box look aesthetically pleasing by arranging the snacks in a certain way and decorating the box in a fun and creative way. 

Activities you can do together

Oftentimes, the best part of Valentine’s Day is being able to spend time with your special someone. Gifting them an activity that you both can complete together will show your valentine that you value your time with them. The activity can range from a fun board game to a Paint-By-Numbers set or a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle to tickets for a basketball game, concert, or special event. An activity is great because the choices are endless and you can specialize it to your valentine and their interests.  

A homemade gift 

One of the great things about making your valentine a homemade gift is that it is a generally inexpensive option. Additionally, it shows that you put a great deal of time and effort into your gift. There is also a ton of versatility with this! The gift could be something both handmade and useful like a handmade bar of soap, a ceramic mug which you could both craft and paint, or a pair of heart-shaped hand warmers for the seemingly never-ending chilly months. You could also take the more sentimental route and create something personal like a scrapbook of your favorite photos with them or a memory box filled with pieces of all of your memorable moments together like a ticket from the first movie you went to on a date or a love letter that you wrote about them. 

While hopefully this gave you a spark of inspiration for some new and unique gifts to give your valentine this year, the most important thing to remember when thinking up a gift for someone is to get them something special to them! Whether the gift relates in some way to their hobbies such as painting, dancing, or singing, or their interests like their favorite movie or snacks, or just something you know they will love and make them smile! While the gift can of course be additionally accompanied by flowers or chocolates, use this list to give your valentine something new and different that they will value forever.

Grace Liberman

Bucknell '26

Grace is a student at Bucknell double majoring in English - Literary Studies and Sociology. She enjoys reading books with her cat and crying over the unnecessarily heartbreaking endings as well as being an avid listener of Noah Kahan, Hozier, and Bon Iver.