The Ultimate Bucknell Buck-et List

The HC Bucknell 2018 Buck-et List!

1. Go out every "going-out night" in the same week.

2. Go for a drive with good music up and windows down in the beautiful PA farmland.

3. Hit the Freez (duh).

4. Stargaze on the quad.

5. Look through a telescope in the observatory.

6. Get on the aux at a frat (or at least request your favorite song).

7. Have a meal with a professor.

8. Watch the sunrise on the quad.

9. Go to the Lewisburg Ice Festival in the winter.

10. Go to the Lewisburg Arts Festival in the spring.

11. Go to the Bloomsburg Fair.

12. Eat a pickle on a stick from Knoebel's.

13. Re-visit your first year hall/chat with your old room's new residents.

14. Go to Chrysalis.

15. Live it up at House Party Weekend.

16. Try everything on the menu at the Flyson.

17. Eat a meal in every fraternity's kitchen. (PB&J counts!)

18. Sled down the grove.

19. Do a wine tasting at Fero Vineyard.

20. Have a romantic foreign fling during your semester abroad.

21. See a movie at the Campus Theater.

22. Join ski team/go to ski team formals.

23. Have a squad hangout at the bowling alley in Milton.

24. Go to a date party with someone you hooked up with freshman year.

25. Start a new club on campus.

26. Hook up in an academic building.

27. Jump in the Susquehanna River/do a river float on the Susky.

28. Try every bagel flavor at All-Star Bagels.

29. Break up a fight at Super.

30. Steal a fraternity composite.

31. Try every downtown restaurant at least once.

32. Take a squad pic on the new bison statue.

33. Stuff your face with burgers and shakes at the Fence.

34. Go on a road trip to Penn State for Chick-fil-A or ice cream.

35. Go to Reptiland.

36. Pet the goats at Ard's.

37. Go for a walk on the rail trail.

38. Streak the grove/the quad.

39. Get takeout and drive up to the Shikellamy Scenic Overlook.

40. Host a potluck dinner with your friends.

41. Sing karaoke at Townie on LIT night.

42. Go for a hike at R. B. Winter State Park.

43. Make friends with at least one person in every other class year.

44. Be a TA for a class you love.

45. Roll down the hill in front of Freas Hall.

46. Have your high school best friends visit Bucknell.

47. Create the ultimate Super playlist.

48. Go to a student dance/theater performance on campus.

49. Caf-sit for an entire day.

50. Graduate a proud Bucknellian.