Things to Do Before a Potential Apocalypse

We all were supposed to die on April 18.


According to a cryptic voicemail Twitter users have been receiving, aliens were going to take over the world on April 18. Some users translated the voicemail coding to messages about Stephen Hawking, and even suspect that it has something to do with the missing Malaysian Air flight. Remember that? Yeah, no one knows what happened to it still.


Here’s an enlightening to-do list that HC prepared in case these are your final days alive!


1. Go on the most massive online shopping spree until your bank account hits the negatives. But make sure everything ships here in time. You only have a few days. Maybe stick to Amazon Prime.


2. Eat dessert after every meal. No need to worry about a bikini bod when the world ends before bikini season!


3. Give up all your petty grudges and forgive those who you haven’t. You don’t want to spend your last days on Earth with any bit of negativity.


4. One last girls night in. Spend a typical night in with movies, face masks, and LOTS of snacks.


5. No time for exotic bucket list trips, so instead, look up pictures and videos of all of the places you didn’t get to visit in your lifetime. It’s basically the same thing, because let’s be real, you only wanted to go there for the Insta.


6. Make the first move on someone you’re afraid to talk to. Send that risky text and DON’T regret it.

7. One last night out. Wear your hottest outfit, listen to your favorite songs, go to your favorite place, and live it up like you’re dying. Because you are. On April 18. Oh, and at the end of the night, use all the rest of your dining dollars on Flyson. Order Domino’s too while you’re at it.


8. Compliment absolutely everyone you see, and make it genuine. Everyone can use more of this, especially since we’re all dying. Surprise yourself with how positive you can be.

9. Get ready for that VSCO of the Stranger Things looking sky.


10. Set up a blanket on the quad and watch the world go to flames.