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Tik Tok and Instagram have become the hubs for finding the best, cheapest, and trendiest health and beauty products for the last couple of years. But with trends promoting lifestyles of top-notch skin care, self care, and makeup routines, many beginners are left wondering where to start. To help anyone out there looking for some guidance, I’ve compiled a list of a few must-have makeup products that have been circulating around social media to save you some of the hard work. 

Face and Skin Products 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter is currently one of the most popular products on the market. In a basic makeup routine, most people would use this filter under their foundation for a complexion boost, the look of smooth skin, or a glowy and natural filter. The regular size can be expensive, so I suggest buying the travel size that costs less and still lasts a long time. 

Two other popular facial products are Kosas concealer and Drunk Elephant bronzing drops. Kosas concealer seamlessly blends into any skin tone and covers unwanted blemishes while giving the face a clean and natural look. Drunk Elephant bronzing drops are an easy to use product: simply add them to your daily facial moisturizer to give your face more a natural tan that adds brightness and life with a natural glowy look.

Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips

Two of the main products I use in my daily makeup routine are blush and mascara. They keep me looking awake and energized and can be put on in a matter of seconds. Two of the most popular blush products right now are from Benetint and Rare Beauty. Personally, I use a combination of these two blushes to give my cheeks a rosey natural look, but they work great separately as well. Benetint’s is more of a light blush with a water-like consistency, while Rare Beauty’s is thicker and slightly more pigmented. 

Additionally, lip tints have become quite the craze in the past few months. Specifically, Dior’s lip tint has become popular because of its clean look and ability to match individual lip PH for a more natural and personalized look.


In addition to specific products, there are also a variety of general makeup brands that won’t let you down. These include Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit Makeup, Glossier skincare and makeup, and MILK makeup. 

While these are not the only brands that can give you a great look, they are a great stepping stone to get you started. 

Kelly Troop

Bucknell '25

Kelly Troop is a rising Sophomore at Bucknell University with an intended literary studies major. She enjoys reading historical fiction and mystery and writing fiction. Once she graduates, she hopes to pursue a career in journalism, publishing, or editing. In addition to writing and reading, she enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, and playing sports.