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Super Bowl LII Preview: Eagles vs. Patriots

While most college Sundays are accompanied with a generous helping of the scaries, today brings instead an aura of excitement, athleticism, and, for lots of Bucknellians, overwhelming hometown pride. That’s right: it’s Super Bowl Sunday. You can expect a special type of buzz on campus tonight as a massive chunk of Bucknell’s student body hails from either New England or Southeastern Pennsylvania, the two regions being represented by the football teams that remain. If you haven’t been following the NFL this season but want to keep up with the action, here’s a cheat sheet on the Patriots, the Eagles, and what we should expect come 6:30 p.m.


The frontrunners: New England Patriots

Record: 13 wins, 3 losses

Quarterback: Tom Brady

Last Super Bowl appearance: Just last year, the Pats beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 thanks to an impressive comeback performance by QB Tom Brady.

Super Bowl history: The Patriots have an impressive Super Bowl history, having won the big game in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, and 2017. Their noteworthy record and veteran quarterback put them in an enviable position to win; it’s no surprise that fans and sports analysts alike are anticipating another New England victory.

The underdogs: Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 13 wins, 3 losses

Quarterback: Nick Foles

Last Super Bowl appearance: The Eagles haven’t seen the Super Bowl since 2004, when they suffered a devastating fourth-quarter loss to none other than the New England Patriots.

Super Bowl history: Despite a franchise history marked by several exciting seasons, the Eagles have never emerged victorious from a Super Bowl. (Perhaps this year will be the year…?)

Why you should pay attention:

Part of the reason the Eagles performed so well this season was due to the laudable performance of rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, who catapulted his team to the top of their conference with ease. Unfortunately, in December, Wentz tore his ACL, effectively benching him for the rest of the season. Since then, the Eagles have managed to get by under the wing of backup QB Foles, though in several cases just by the skin of their teeth. Philadelphia fans are now waiting with bated breath to see whether Foles has what it takes to bring home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, or if Tom Brady will get to add a sixth Super Bowl ring to his hand.


Whatever the outcome, it’s sure to be an exciting game – make sure you tune in at 6:30 p.m. to catch the action (or, if nothing else, to watch the commercials and enjoy some yummy snacks!).

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