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Style Blog – Taylor Berger


Taylor is wearing a Banana Republic leather jacket, a lace shirt, Gap pants and jewelry from J. Crew. 
Where do you shop?
I don’t discriminate when it comes to shopping. If something catches my eye in a store display or on a pinterest or instagram blog, I want to know more, whether it be a store I frequently visit or one I have never heard of before.  I most consistently shop at Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom.  
Describe your style in one or two words.
I would describe my style as girly and fun. 
Who is your fashion inspiration?
My fashion inspiration is Mila Kunis. She has perfected the art of looking classy, setting trends, and not sacrificing comfort.  
What is your favorite accessory/article of clothing/pair of shoes in your wardrobe?
My favorite article of clothing is my leather jacket.  It was my first major splurge for fashion’s sake and has rightfully held its spot in my closet since. Leather jackets are timeless, multi-seasonal, and make any outfit edgy.  
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