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Style Blog – Kendall Kane

What are you wearing?
Postcard jacket, Top Shop sweater, American Apparel leggings, Sam Edelman boots.

What are your current style inspirations?
I like to check various fashion blogs for style inspiration- my favorite is The Sartorialist, as it offers a look at fashion from all over the world, and follows people that don’t necessary follow trends but always know how to dress well.

What is your all-time favorite trend?
I don’t really consider myself to be “trendy.” While I like to stay current with my style, I try not to wear things just because they’re trendy. I stick to clothing that looks good and always try to look put together- sometimes adding a scarf or a piece of jewelry makes a huge difference!

What will you be wearing this holiday season?
Hopefully I will be wearing a lot of party dresses this holiday season. This is a very festive time of year and hopefully my wardrobe will reflect this!

An item of clothing/acessory/pair of shoes that you can’t live without:
I cannot live without my big cozy sweaters, especially this time of year!

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