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The Struggles of the Upcoming Junior

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

The end of Sophomore Year brings about quite a bit of stress. You’re no longer going to be the innocent underclassman that can just put things off to the side. Many decisions must be made within a short amount of time, and the pressure is high. Well fear not, you aren’t alone! Here are some common stressors that many upcoming juniors at Bucknell face. No matter what, Her Campus Bucknell assures you will make it out alive.


1. To Go Abroad or To Not Go Abroad

Ahhh, the infamous dilemma. While you technically can go abroad as a sophomore, most Bucknell students go abroad their Junior Year. For many students, going away to college was their first time living away from home. An even more intimidating leap for many is going off to live across the globe for a full semester. Not to mention, the monetary cost of going abroad can certainly be burdensome. To make this decision easier, make sure you speak with your academic advisor, and/or whoever is leading the program— even if this means multiple visits. They are there to help and guide you, and no question is too much! After all, you are making a pretty significant decision. Consult with family members, as well as other friends that may be interested in the same program as you. Close your eyes and imagine yourself abroad. Can you picture yourself walking the streets of London, or hiking the jungles of Madagascar? While it’s definitely a common choice for many Bucknell students, going abroad certainly isn’t for everyone.


2. What. Is. Housing.

For juniors, housing options are extraordinarily limited. Even if you have the best time slot, most seniors fill up the more ideal housing options before it’s even your turn to register. While sorority/fraternity housing is helpful for some, not everyone gets the chance to live in them. Therefore, the only options left are freshmen dorms, or the far-away mods. However, since many students do choose to go abroad, this only leaves one semester in a crappy living situation. Even if you don’t go abroad, it will be much easier to switch housing if you wanted once others leave and space frees up.


3. What do you mean I need a real job?!

The first couple of years at college are all about becoming acclimated and finding your niche. You’re able to experiment with different types of classes, and discover what you’re good at. By the time Junior Year rolls around, your major is declared, and you’re expected to look for internships and jobs in the ~REAL WORLD~. Don’t panic! Some students take longer to figure out what they want to do, and that’s perfectly fine. Instead of worrying what others are doing, just focus on what makes you happy, and go from there.


Lexi Katz

Bucknell '20

Writer from Bucknell University