Stop Hiding From Them—Flare Jeans are Here

I thought the last thing I would ever do is embrace jeans other than my favorite skinny jeans. But last week I bought my first pair of trendy flare jeans and, yep, I’m sold.

I’ve never been a bold dresser. I like to think I have style, but my choices have been reserved ever since my boho phase in middle school. (I wore a flower crown to a One Direction concert. I don’t want to talk about it.) There’s something so enticing about flare jeans—they say: yes, I’m wearing these and, yes, I’m pulling it off. And they’re damn fun! I bought my first flare jeans from American Eagle after seeing an Instagram ad. (Let’s face it, they work). The jeans are high waisted, dark wash, and stretchy, and they have all the wonderful traits of skinny jeans. Flare jeans are flattering, slimming, comfortable, and versatile. 

My biggest concern was how to wear them because I have long ago burned my 70s inspired graphic tees. But I quickly realized this can wear them with anything! They’re that cool. I wore a sweatshirt, a v-neck, a crop top, and a t-shirt from high school paired with the jeans at different occasions. They all work. You don’t fit your wardrobe around flare jeans; they fit around your wardrobe.

Wearing flare jeans also doesn’t overpower an outfit. You can throw them on with anything and still maintain a relaxed vibe. They only subtly hint at something more, something chicer. I can’t help but love the nod to the 1970s, an era I like to tease my mom about. She was in college in the 70s, exactly my age. I love that I get to channel her when I walk around Bucknell’s campus. So be like your mom, or my mom, and wear those flare jeans.