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Staying #Woke on Social Media

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

In these crazy days, it’s beyond important be “woke.” This means understanding current issues, taking on different perspectives, and feeling empowered! What follows is a collection of Instagram accounts that will fill your feed with powerful and thought-provoking content so you can stay woke!


@feminism_is_4_everyone is partly run by Lindsey Ruff, Bucknell and HerCampus alum from the Class of 2016! She currently attends Cornell Law while running this influential Insta! She covers everything from Tweets to memes, and always has thought-provoking captions!

@feministabulous, or Liz Plank, is a producer, vlogger, and feminist. Follow her if you want to see what taking action looks like! She posts video interviews and bits that reveal truths and inside scoops. You’ll see her on the news empowering women, starting campaigns and service projects, and of course on YouTube.

@feminist is the most well-known of these. It’s popular for the powerful messages regarding consent and equality, as well as the pretty graphics and overall feed!

@woke.ness is a more general political account not particularly focused on feminist ideals. It has eye-catching graphics that really make you realize the significance of certain issues. You will certainly feel empowered to make change after checking out this account!

@localdemocrazy is probably the funniest account of these. It is mostly ‘memey’ responses to uber conservative Tweets that will certainly make you laugh.

@guerrillafeminism is a more radical one, but certainly makes you think. Covered topics include gender expression, racial equality, and some mental health posts too.

@feministvoice is all about loving yourself and posting empowering quotes and memes. It’s less heavy on the politics (unlike ones like @woke.ness and @localdemocrazy), and more so pretty and inspirational.

@the.teenage.feminist is a good follow if you want text-heavy, stimulating posts to read. This account is all about standing up for a variety issues from body positivity to pro-choice.


There ya go. Eight accounts worth the follow for you to stay aware of current issues and be empowered! Get scrolling, get reading, and get woke!