Staying Stylish from Summer to Fall

Everyone knows that this time of year can be hard to dress for. Most days, the mornings start off on the cooler side, and then by noon it feels like one hundred degrees. It can be hard to know what to wear on an everyday basis. If you are feeling confused by fall weather, here are a few wardrobe essentials to help get you started!

1) Your favorite t-shirts!!

This may seem obvious, but this is very essential! It’s important to have basics that are comfortable, versatile, and interchangeable with many different outfits. Make sure you have a few tight ones, and lots of oversized ones, including band tees! I recommend some oversized ones because they are super comfortable, work with lots of different things, and they’re not skin tight so they won’t make you feel hot!! Pair these with your favorite pair of blue or white jeans. 

2) Cozy sweaters

Since this time of year can be super confusing weather wise, it’s important to have a few cozy sweaters that you can bring to class/throw on when you get cold. Make sure to have a variety, a chunky cardigan, a black or white sweater, and a fun colorful/patterned one. Also make sure that it’s a cotton (or other lightweight) material to keep you cool in the early fall.

3) Denim, denim, and MORE denim!!

The end of summer/beginning of fall is the PERFECT time to bring out all of your favorite denim. Whether it’s jeans, a jacket, a skirt, you name it. Denim goes with everything and is always in style. Plus, it’s super easy to throw on a pair of ripped jeans or a distressed denim jacket over any basic t-shirt or sundress.

4) Leather jacket

A leather jacket is a fall staple, especially as the weather starts to cool down. It’s a statement piece that never goes out of style and spices up any casual outfit.

5) A Cropped Hoodie

A cropped hoodie automatically makes any casual outfit even cuter. It’s perfect with high waisted jeans or jean skirt. It’s comfortable, edgy, and super adorable. 

6) Flannels

An oversized flannel is perfect for a lazy fall day. It’s easy to pair it with a tank or t-shirt underneath. A flannel is also perfect to use as a sweater/jacket on warmer days for class.