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Springtime Fashion for When it’s Cold AF

While our calendars may be telling us it’s spring, mother nature seems to think otherwise. Snow and 40-degree weather seems to be the norm this April. Although we would all rather be wearing dresses, sandals and skirts, mother nature has a new agenda for springtime fashion this year. But how exactly can you incorporate spring into your wardrobe without freezing to death?! Lucky for you, Her Campus Bucknell has a few tips.


Pastel sweaters are not only super cute, they’re practical for colder days. A trendy and classic alternative to basic neutral colors that still go perfectly with all of your favorite bottoms. Many brands are incorporating soft yellow, baby blue, millennial pink and lavender into their clothing pieces this season, so these sweaters aren’t hard to find or overpriced. Throw on a lavender sweater with a pair of mom jeans and a white sneaker while you’re rushing to class and you have the perfectly easy spring outfit.



Jackets can easily be a burden during the winter months. You spend what feels like forever picking out an outfit, just to cover it up with a boring puffer jacket. So now that it’s spring you expected to hang up your coat until November at the earliest, or so you thought. Thus, everyone should have at least one jacket such as a bomber, teddy bear coat or leather coat with fur lining in their closet to avoid having to pull your winter coat back out. These jackets are both fashionable and keep you super snuggly and warm. Plus, they can give the illusion that your outfit (and your life) is a lot more put together than it actually is.



Jeans are a year-round staple item, but why not make them a little more fun for springtime. Getting creative with your denim is an easy way to turn any outfit from basic to unique. Many brands have started to sell jeans that aren’t your typical denim, but you can easily DIY jeans you already have if you’re not looking to break the bank. Sewing on patches or fringing the bottoms of your jeans can easily turn any denim from not to HOT!



Before you know it, it will be 80 degrees and sunny and we will all be missing the days we could rock our cute pastel sweaters and mom jeans. Embracing this cold spring is easy when you look cute AF doing it.



Isobel Lloyd

Bucknell '21

New York ~ Bucknell 
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