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Spring TV Guide


Spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the campus is buzzing with new life, and the phrase “sky’s out, thighs out” has finally returned. This wonderful weather may be calling your name, but everybody needs some relaxation time inside. I’ve created a wonderful spring TV guide to get you caught up on shows that are returning and get you ready for the new spring lineup!

Returning Shows:


Arrested Development:

It’s been six long years since we’ve seen the Bluth family, but it has felt like an eternity. Michael Cera received geek fandom for his role in both “Superbad” and “Juno,” Will Arnett recently divorced his hilarious wife Amy Poehler, Jason Bateman got laughs for
“Horrible Bosses,” and Portia de Rossi married Ellen. Even with all this change, fans cannot wait for the show to return this May (with a movie to follow soon!). Sources leaked news that because of the actors having busy schedules, each episode is just going to focus on one member of the family. It’s good to be back.

Game of Thrones:

I must preview this preview by saying…I am a totally G.O.T. nerd. I have watched every episode and I am currently reading the fifth book of the series. If you are new to the show, you are in for a treat. Set in the mythical land of Westoros, there is a battle heating up over who will be the new king. Will it be the stern younger brother Stannis, the hunky young Robb Stark, or maybe Dany and her dragons? We may not know the answer, however we do know that this show has sex, violence, politics, and epic storylines. It may be spring, but “Winter is Coming.”

Mad Men:

Two words. John Hamm. No man has ever made a suit look so good. “Mad Men” is back for it’s sixth season, and it is nowhere close to slowing down. When we last left off, Peggy left to work for Don’s rival, Lane ended his life after Don found out about him embezzling, and the beautiful Joan agreed to sleep with a client in order to land the account Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce needed to stay afloat. How can they top all of the drama? Mad Men returned April 7, and if you haven’t tuned in yet I suggest you do.


New Shows:

Bates Motel:

I can’t say that I am huge on horror, but when a creator of “Lost” makes a prequel to “Psycho” you have to make an exception. The TV show focused on the younger years of Norman Bates, and how he became the infamous serial killer in Hitchcock’s classic. A close relationship between mother and son is taken to a whole new level with Norman and his mother Norma (I’m already creeped out that their names might as well be the same). An even creepier twist? This young Norman Bates is the adorable actor Freddie Highmore. His other roles include: Charlie in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” August in “August Rush,” and Peter in “Finding Neverland.” Let’s find out if Freddie made the transition from lovable boy to creepy killer.

How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life):

Ready for a new 30 minutes comedy to get you through the week? This show focuses on a divorced single mom named Polly and her daughter Natalie who are forced to move back in with her parents due to financial problems. What’s the main reason you should be watching? Sarah Chalke. It has been way too long since Scrubs ended, and even though this isn’t Elliot I know that Sarah will bring her great comedic chops to the show. Watch out “New Girl,” you may have some new competition.

Ready for Love:

For fans of “The Bachelor,” there is a new show premiering just for you! “Ready for Love,” focuses on three eligible mean who are looking for their true love. Here comes the twist, women are fighting for the affections of these men through the help of Facebook and top matchmakers. The show is hosted by the adorable Giuliana and Bill Rancic and its also executive-produced by Eva Longoria! A modern love story has landed on NBC.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?:

I know the show is planning its return for the summer, but I just can’t wait. That is right 90s enthusiasts, your favorite comedy show is coming back this summer to the CW (a change from it’s slot on ABC Family). The best part? The ENTIRE cast is returning to reprise their roles on the show (except for Drew Carey, but honestly who cares about that?!). The show will now be hosted by Aisha Tyler (best known for her role as Charlie on “Friends”) and viewers better be ready for hilarity to ensue.

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