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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

Graduation is exactly a week away and there are a whirlwind of emotions consuming my mind right now. Am I ready to graduate? Will I be good at my job? Are all my finances in check? It is both exciting and stressful to be leaving Bucknell and entering into the real world and I am thankful that my experience at Bucknell has made saying goodbye to this place so hard. Before I officially depart, I want to pay tribute to everyone who has made my life here so memorable- and one of these groups of people include my girls at Her Campus. 

I want to thank all of the members of Her Campus for making the past three years as a part of this club so amazing. Sophomore year, I joined HC by myself with none of my friends. I was nervous being a part of the meetings, where the girls in the club were mostly older and I was on the younger side. Immediately, I was welcomed, however, and I had submitted my first article within the first two weeks of joining the club. Meetings were very relaxed, easy-going, and just what I needed at the end of my long days filled with school work. It was nice to feel so comfortable around a group of girls that I had never met or known, but who I got to know as the year went on. The fact that it was an all-female writing group made a huge difference to me as well. I felt like I was able to express myself better to all females, and that I could be more vocal in meetings than I normally was in other clubs. I was encouraged by everyone to write articles that I was passionate about- anything from my favorite Caf foods to celebrity gossip, to current events. It was so effortless to write these articles because I could talk about anything I wanted. As an engineering major, I had never had the opportunity at Bucknell to engage in creative writing, so I used HC as an outlet to express myself in ways I normally would not have.

I loved being on HC so much sophomore year, that junior year I felt like I had more to contribute and give back to the club. I applied to be an editor, and was elected as one of a few editors that year. I was now able to not only write articles, but I could edit and help proof-read everyone else’s. Typically I had read other’s articles throughout the week, however being an editor I had to read everyone’s and this allowed me to really dive into other people’s thoughts and opinions. I liked seeing how certain girls’ writing styles differed from one another and I also was happy everyone trusted me enough with their articles by letting me edit them. 

It was in my final year at Bucknell that I applied to be CC of Her Campus. I wanted to do more than just editing, and after seeing how much the CCs in the past had loved their roles, I knew this was a position I would not only love to fulfill but also one I wanted to take on. I applied and was granted the opportunity to be a CC this year alongside my friend and fellow writer, Isobel Lloyd. Although it was difficult this year due to lack of in-person meetings, I loved being a CC on Her Campus. I was able to help organize and direct meetings while still being able to write my biweekly articles. I also was able to sift through applications and offer a few lucky girls spots as writers each semester.

Looking back at HC through the years, I feel as though not only have my writing skills improved, but I have also formed a strong bond with girls in the club. Knowing that there is a group of us that all are passionate about writing and support each other as women is inspiring and truly makes me smile. I am sad to be leaving HC but I also am so grateful for the experiences it has brought me over the years. I know I will be leaving this club in good hands, as Kendall and Alexandra co-chair HC next year, and I look forward to all they will accomplish! HCXO Bucknell :)

Amanda Christy

Bucknell '21

I am a senior computer engineering student from Boston, Massachusetts. I love to play tennis, hang out with friends, and especially enjoy writing in my free time!
Isobel Lloyd

Bucknell '21

New York ~ Bucknell