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The Roots of Hair: Celebrity Icons

Celebrities are known for their beauty, talent, and fashion sense. But only a few are universally recognized for their gorgeous locks. Some women have made their mark on the hair industry, and these styles still inspire us today. Here is the timeline of the beauty icons that will forever be known for their flawless hairstyles.                                                                          

Marilyn Monroe – The Bombshell

Miss Monroe was known for her sex appeal, her possible affair with JFK and that iconic look. Her hairstyle will always be matched with her legacy.


Audrey Hepburn – Pixie Crop

Short hair has never been sexier than Hepburn’s appearance on the big screen. She rocked this pixie crop in the 1950s with a soft feminine flair.


Jackie O – Iconic Bob

This first lady is remembered for her fashion forward acumen, her hair is no exception. This voluminous bob is still popular today.


Diana Ross – Afro-mazing

“The Supremes” front woman is known not only for her amazing voice but also her big, bold, and wildly curly hair.


Twiggy – The Twiggy

Sometimes a look is just so iconic, it needs no further explanation.


Faye Dunaway – Bad Girl Bob

After her on-screen portrayal of Bonnie Parker in the 1967 movie Bonnie & Clyde, Faye’s long bob became a popular cut. This perfect cut with the cream beret is an ideal match.


Farrah Fawcett – Charlie’s Angel Do

Fawcett’s thick layered cut revolutionized the way women styled their locks in this 70s style.


Mia Farrow – Original Pixie

The film Rosemary’s Baby sparked this dramatic haircut. This look also defined Farrow and launched her career.


Cher – Straight Shine

This music icon is known for her signature long and shiny black strands. She has kept this style since the height of her career in the 70s.


Jennifer Gray – Perm-tastic

How could Patrick Swayze resist Baby’s 80s perm? The perm look was a classic during this decade, and Grey certainly rocked it in this film.


Molly Ringwald – Girl Next Door Bob

Molly Ringwald is the iconic teen star of the 80s. This can also be attributed to her charming personality and gorgeous red hair with cute bangs.


Tina Turner – Show Stopper

Tina’s gravity defying layered hair was bold and independent.


Princess Diana – Boyish Chic

The nation’s sweetheart is known for her soft school-boy 80s crop. Although many have tried, none have replicated this style quite to Princess Di’s level.


Sinead O’Connor – No Hair Don’t Care

Sometimes you don’t need all that hair, Sinead certainly proved that with her signature buzz-cut hairstyle.


Sarah Jessica Parker – Carrie Bradshaw

Any of Miss Bradshaw’s hairstyles throughout the six seasons of Sex and the City could be considered iconic. However, Parker’s long, ombre waves are absolute perfection.


Jennifer Aniston – The “Rachel”

Jennifer’s hairstyle during her role as Rachel Green on the television show Friends is one of the most iconic styles of all time. Interestingly, Aniston detested this square layered hairstyle and did not keep it. However, it was widely imitated and is still popular today.


Amy Winehouse – Beehive Beauty

No one could forget the towering ‘do Miss Winehouse rocked.


Beyonce – The Diva

Lets face it, Beyonce is a queen and her hair is no exception. She has rocked a variety of shades but it is the effortless fall of her wild mane that keep us in awe.


Zooey Deschanel – Bang Perfection

As Jess Day on New Girl it is impossible not to notice Zooey’s signature fringe. Her dark hair and full bangs make her beautiful baby blue eyes pop.


Lauren Conrad – Braided Beauty

Lauren is known as the side braid trendsetter. This hairstyle has been copied throughout the country as a simple, cute hair trend.


Emma Stone – The Ultimate Chameleon

From blonde to red head, this actress can rock any color.


Gisele Bundchen – Modelesque

This model is known for serious waves, which embody her beachy style. Women still try to achieve these natural and effortless waves.


Halle Berry – Short and Sophisticated

Berry has been flaunting this short hairstyle for many years and still it causes us to stop and stare. Her flawless beauty is heightened by this short hair, which highlights her amazing features.


Katy Perry – Retro Glam

Katy has definitely used her fair share of colors, but it’s her retro style that keeps us an awe of her shiny locks.


Kate Middleton – Princess Polish

Duchess Kate is not only recognized for her keen fashion sense, but those beautiful shiny locks. Her effortless style has become one of our newest hair icons.


Each of these starlets will be forever known not only for her talent but also for her beautiful hair. It takes one woman who truly “owns” a look to make a hairstyle iconic. Women all over the world have attempted to replicate these amazing styles, making each one truly iconic. Whenever you are in need of a new hairstyle, look back on any of these looks for a classic but striking ‘do. Hair is one of our features that we can make drastic changes to, so remember these iconic looks and consider following in the footsteps of one of these icons.