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Recap of “Sex Week”

Last week, Speak Up Bucknell began their annual “Sex Week” program. This was a week surrounding “a series of educational workshops, lectures, and events focusing on sexuality, consent, health, and safety,” and Speak Up did an incredible job putting on a diverse selection of programs (Bucknell.edu)! Some of the events included: free STI testing, a senior sex panel where they addressed Bucknell hookup culture, and an acapella ~sexy~ riff off! There was an event for everyone; and, Her Campus Bucknell followed up with students on their impressions of the events they attended.

Q: “Which event (s) did you go to, and what were your initial thoughts?”


A: “I went to the senior sex panel, and I am so glad that I did. It was so reassuring to hear seniors who I respect and look up to say that they also feel the frustration that comes with Bucknell’s hookup culture. Sometimes it seems like everyone else in the world is enjoying the social scene here except me, so it was really nice to hear so many different perspectives that made me feel like I’m not alone.” – Anonymous (Class of 2020)


Q: “What was your favorite part of Sex Week?”


A: “The acapella riff off! That was such a fun way to incorporate more organizations into the week and take a more light- hearted approach to a pretty intense topic!”- Anonymous (Class of 2019)  


A: “My favorite part of Sex Week was learning that not everyone participates in the hook up culture. These events really debunked a lot of rumors and preconceived notions that I had about how “everyone” is doing it, and it has taken the pressure off me to know that I can be social and have fun without feeling like I need to go home with a guy at the end of the night.”- Anonymous (Class of 2020)


Q: “Do you have any suggestions for next year’s Sex Week?”


A: “Although the panelists were “sexually” diverse in the way of sexual orientation, and level of participation in the hook up culture, maybe next year they could have a more diverse selection of “student” types that represent a wider variety of Bucknellians as a whole.”- Anonymous (Class of 2020)  


A: “To be honest, I only knew about the Sex Week events because a lot of girls in my sorority are involved in Speak Up, and that’s the reason why I went to the senior sex panel. But, I’m so glad that I went because we had discussions that truly changed my perspective on how I should go about my social life here at Bucknell. So, I think it’s really important that next year, as a community, we spread the word about sex week and “hype” up the events so that more people will go!


Thank you so much to Speak Up and everyone else who participated in Sex Week. A huge Her Campus XO to all of you!!

Lily is a first- year student at Bucknell University, from Baltimore, MD. She is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers who live in New York and Boston. She has two dogs, Cooper and Nellie, and if you meet her in person she has probably already shown you the thousands of pictures she has of them on her phone. Lily loves to sing and play guitar, is passionate about fashion and beauty, and is so excited to be a HerCampus writer for Bucknell!
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