Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

  1. Song Exploder- If you’ve ever wondered how a song was made, this podcast has the answers. Each new episode invites a different musician or producer on to explore the creative process of one of their songs, from its conception to its final product and all the happy accidents in between. Musicians will love this insight into music production, but non-musicians alike are sure to find this deep dive into artistic decision interesting and engaging.
  2. Becoming Wise- This podcast is for the philosopher in all of us, but accommodates to our ever-busy lifestyles by providing bite-sized yet profound wisdom and expanding our perspectives with each new episode. Its tagline promises to, ‘offer depth and discovery in the time it takes to make a cup of tea’, and it fulfills that promise in every way. 
  3. In the Dark- This is the ultimate podcast for true crime lovers and skeptics. Each season tackles a new case, and the series won itself a Peabody Award for its thorough and gripping investigation of our criminal justice system.
  4. Radio Cherry Bombe- Are you a female foodie? This podcast is for you. Radio Cherry Bombe plunges into every aspect of the food world with host Kerry Diamond, co-founder and editorial director of Cherry Bombe food magazine. This female-led podcast lets you hear from all the pioneers in the food world, including bakers, writers, chefs, branding professionals, etc. Grab your favorite snack and start listening. 
  5. The History Chicks- If you ever felt frustrated with how frequently women seem to be excluded from the historical narratives you were taught in your education, well look no further! The History Chicks bridges that gap for us by exploring how the crucial female perspective fits into our history. Every episode is dedicated to discussing prominent women throughout history and their impacts, as well as fun facts and juicy details. This informative and entertaining series will empower you and wield you with the knowledge to be the smartest gal in the room.
  6. The A24 Podcast- Calling all indie movie junkies: The A24 podcast is here to satisfy all your film nerd needs. The best part? There’s “no host, no ads, and no rules.” This relatively new series invites two people who’ve worked with the production company to join in conversation about their experiences in the industry, their time working on their A24 project, their personal struggles, their artistic pursuits, their next career moves, and the general vicissitudes of life. The people behind your favorites like Lady Bird, Moonlight, Hereditary, Ex Machina, and more in conversation for exclusive behind-the-scenes content.