Our Favorite Outfits from the Oscars

This year’s Oscars had a lot of emotional, hilarious, and proud moments in the Los Angeles venue. From Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s moving performance of “Shallow” to Melissa Mccarthy and her stuffed bunny, the 91st Academy Awards will definitely be an unforgettable one. Along with these moments came with the many unique outfits these famous actors/actresses wore that night, in which I would love to share my favorites:

The Favourite’s Emma Stone wears a sophisticated dress that also has been said to look like sparkly waffle cone. Waffle cone or not though, she is definitely capturing attention.

Crazy Rich Asians’s most hilarious actress Awkwafina dressed so that we all want to dress more extra. Rather than wearing a dress like most other women at the Oscars, Awkwafina chose to be unique with her sparkly suit.

Speaking of unique...Billy Porter wore a hybrid of a tuxedo and a dress, breaking all stereotypes. It’s 2019, and we need more people like Billy.

It’s all in the name; Queen Latifah showed up to the Oscars as her queen-like self making black glamorous with her eye-catching dress.


Flared pants seems to be the trend nowadays, so of course Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman can rock them too as he’s worn many spectacular outfits in Black Panther. Wakanda Forever.

Saying that actress Glenn Close wore a gold dress to the Academy Awards is an understatement. Apparently her dress covered over 4 million beads and weighed 20 kilograms. A golden dress, for a golden actress.

No matter what awards we’re at, Jennifer Lopez is always one to shock us with her magical presence.

Melissa Mccarthy and Brian Tyree Henry’s outfits while presenting the Costume Award at the Oscars definitely got a laugh out of everyone. We can always count on them to bring us a smile.