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Ode to the Crush

Ya hate to see it, ya really do.  

The classic crush:

The one you embarrass yourself trying to pursue

And can always make you blush.


You get puppy dog eyes

As this beautiful mans walks by

Your body becomes paralyzed

As you think to yourself, “I’m gonna marry this guy.”


Your world is shaken up

So tell your friends after discovering your new love

They all shake their heads and crack up

When you explain “We’re dating already…kind of”


This ain’t your first rodeo

So you make a plan to talk to him

Because you’re a crush-slaying PRO

Even though you almost died seeing him at the gym.


Seeing him out is quite the scene

Because essentially everyone knows you obsess.

You try to act like you’re a queen,

But you know a simple hello is a huge success.


When he’s finally standing next to you,

you call your friends for backup

As they run over to come through

The two of you bump and he says “What’s up!”


Your heart is racing

You don’t know what to do

When the love of your life is who you’re facing

And you say, “Oh hey! Nice to meet you!”


Your smile says it all

Because even though you talk a big game

You walk a little bit more tall

When he finally knows you by name.


A pathetic yet hilarious hymn

Ya hate to see it, ya really do.

But hey, just go out on a limb

Because maybe your dream will come true!


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