Mourning the Future Loss of Friends from Netflix

Netflix is officially deteriorating. Supposedly, Friends may be taken off of Netflix in 2019 and I assure you that along with the loss of this TV show will be the loss of many Netflix subscribers. Not only is Friends a heartfelt sitcom loved by all Americans, but it is truly a daily staple in many of our lives. Who doesn’t love romance, drama, and Joey’s classic pick up line?

All I have to say to Netflix is you are making a grave mistake and this change is not going to go without many complaints and strongly-worded e-mails. In mourning of this future loss to Netflix, I have decided to list my five favorite Friends moments. I hope that all you readers can relive these glorified moments with me before we dig deep into the dark web to find where to now watch Friends.

Moment #1: The one with the stripper. Oh Danny DeVito, your charm and good looks never fail to impress. I truly could not think of a better “Office Goodbody” to impress the girls.

Moment #2: The one with Ross’s fake tan. Ladies, obviously we all know how to evenly apply our St. Tropez every night before bed but men are not as gifted as we are in the fake tan department. Always remember: “Spray, count, pat, and turn.”

Moment #3: The one where Joey becomes the Thanksgiving turkey. It’s Thanksgiving season, and while some of us will be enjoying turkey, unfortunately Phoebe and Monica will be enjoying…Joey.

Moment #4: The one where smelly cat is born. You cannot claim to love Friends without knowing the lyrics and off-beat tune to Phoebe’s infamous “Smelly Cat.” What are they feeding you, smelly cat?

Moment #5: The one when Rachel gets off the plane. If I have not already made you sad enough, this moment sure will. Ross and Rachel’s love story is what we all yearn for in life, and Netflix, I hope you realize what you are doing if you deprive us of this fairytale romance.