HerCampus Bucknell is comprised of a group of strong, independent female writers. We encourage other all-female groups that we get in touch with through our community, and this week we were lucky enough to speak to the head of the campus ambassador program at a fintech startup called MoneyGirls! 

MoneyGirls is a female-founded company working to build a community and platform to help ambitious young women navigate their financial futures. Their goal is to get college women smart on money basics EARLY, and build products for them to accelerate their financial independence and money habits. This means getting women smarter today about everything from credit 101 to investing, to soon building awesome apps that help you make sense of budgeting. By doing so, they are empowering women to get a hold of their own financial future and helping them gain enough confidence to start their lives and careers in this competitive job market. MoneyGirls is not only inspiring, but also motivating for young women to become ambitious about what they’re capable of. Similar to HerCampus’s mission to bring fearless women together across all college campuses, MoneyGirls does the same and expands their reach to women beyond just those in college.

To become involved with MoneyGirls, you can apply for their Campus Strategist program here. Even if you don’t have time this semester to be a Strategist, you can sign up for their weekly newsletter that explains all things money, based on personally submitted questions from women at top schools like Bucknell. Their current product is the newsletter, but they plan to roll out spending and planning apps and much more. We all know how big of a role social media also plays into our lives, so check out their Instagram, @gomoneygirls and also explore their website!

 It is important that young women involved in HerCampus not only support HerCampus writers across different schools but also other empowering female groups such as MoneyGirls. We hope that by reading this article you have not only learned more about MoneyGirls but that you want to become involved in their mission too!