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Meet Jon Como!


Favorites: Spot on campus, meal at Bucknell class, thing about Bucknell, Freeze Flavor

  • Spot on campus: The library…you’re pretty much guaranteed to find me there at any point during the week
  • Meal: Thanksgiving dinner at the caf
  • Class: History of Jazz
  • Thing about Bucknell: Since I was a prospective student I always noticed how noticeable the community spirit is on campus.
  • Freez Flavor: Heath Bar

4 fun facts

  1. I’ve broken my two front teeth 4 times
  2. I played baseball up until college and pitched a no-hitter during my senior year of high school
  3. Every year on my birthday, I try to check something off of my bucket list (this year is skydiving)
  4. I’ve been to both New Year’s in Times Square and Groundhog’s Day in Punxsutawney 

1)   What is your role as IFC president?

My role is pretty straightforward. In the job description it says that I am “responsible for upholding the reputation of the Greek community and being the face of the fraternity community.” While there is truth to that, it’s a very wordy way to talk about what I actually do. On a day-to-day basis, my job consists of interacting with leaders of fraternity and sorority governing councils, student government, campus organizations, and Bucknell faculty/staff to build on what we are good at as a campus community, and find room for improvement.


2)   What are you goals for the coming year, both IFC and University related?

I have three main goals for IFC: improve the relationship between faculty/staff and the Greek community, promote better inter-fraternity relations, showcase fraternities in a more positive light on campus.

I don’t have any personal university goals for the coming year but I would like to see more campus unity as a whole, and of course I would like to see the new building construction finished.


3)   What has been your most rewarding experience thus far?

Looking back on my time at Bucknell so far it’s hard to pinpoint one experience, but if I had to pick, I would say it is the orientation program. It’s not just the orientation program from the staff side, but even as a first year student. My role in the program has changed now that I am involved with training the OAs, but it is pretty great to know that I am, at least indirectly, making some mark on each new class of Bucknellians. Years down the road when someone asks me about my Bucknell memories, everything from my time now as an OL all the way back to move-in day will flash through my mind. Ask anyone who has been an OA or an OL — there is definitely some magic in orientation.


4)   How has your experience as an OL for the past two years shaped who you are today?

More than anything else, being an OL has taught me how to step outside of my comfort zone. If I picture myself from a few years ago, there is absolutely no way I would ever be smearing strangers with paint, dancing in front of 900 students, or training a group of OAs. The orientation program encourages everyone involved to do uncomfortable things at some point. The cool part is that once you do it, you wonder why it was ever uncomfortable in the first place. That mentality has opened a lot of doors for me over the course of my college years, and it has without a doubt shaped me as a person.


5)   Where do you see yourself post graduation?

Good question. I wish I knew! This summer I’ll be interning in the information technology field with a project management role. Right now, it sounds pretty interesting to me, but I’ll have to wait and see if its what I want to do for a living. I’d like to live in NYC after college for a few years, though. Hopefully whatever I end up doing will land me there.


6)   If you had a bison, a flannel, a fried Oreo, and a toothbrush, how would your organize it, what would it be and why?

I would be riding the bison wearing a flannel. I would eat the fried Oreo while riding the bison and use the toothbrush afterwards since fried Oreos can get a little messy. I’m not actually sure I answered that question right…and even if I did, that’s about as creative as an answer as my engineering brain can come up with.

Elizabeth is a senior at Bucknell University, majoring in English and Spanish. She was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, always with hopes of one day pursuing a career as a journalist. She worked for her high school paper and continues to work on Bucknell’s The Bucknellian as a senior writer. She has fervor for frosting, creamy delights, and all things baking, an affinity for classic rock music, is a collector of bumper stickers and postcards, and is addicted to Zoey Deschanel in New Girl. Elizabeth loves anything coffee flavored, the Spanish language, and the perfect snowfall. Her weakness? Brunch. See more of her work at www.elizabethbacharach.wordpress.com 
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