Make Way for the First Male CoverGirl

Since the 1960’s, CoverGirl products have filled the cosmetic aisles of every drug store in America. Signature CoverGirl magazines have also graced the counters and shelves of storefronts for decades. But this October, CoverGirl has added a new element to their classic mix of glossy images and products: the first ever male CoverGirl.

Yes, you heard that right! Seventeen-year-old James Charles has become CoverGirl’s newest spokesperson for fall of 2016. As a high school senior, Charles has always had a passion and talent for creating make up looks that defy extraordinary. After posting his beauty creations to his personal Instagram account and creating make up tutorial videos on YouTube, he went viral. In just over a year, Charles acquired more than 650,000 Instagram followers and close to 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Gaining attention from celebrities, musical artists and models across the nation, Charles’ work reached the top of the cosmetic industry when he came face to face with an offer he couldn’t refuse: to be CoverGirl’s first cover boy.

In a whirlwind of just a few weeks, Charles has already begun working with musical artist and brand ambassador, Katy Perry, to kick off his beauty campaign with CoverGirl. Along with his style and pizzazz, Charles describes his desire to “push toward equal opportunities for everybody, regardless of race, sexuality and gender in the industry” in a recent interview with the New York Times. As issues of gender boundaries make their way towards the headlines of various societal sectors, his desire to make the fashion industry more inclusive is quite appropriate. While it may not be easy to break down the gender barriers of the fashion world, CoverGirl seems to be off to a good start. So move over ladies, there’s a new man in town! James Charles is ready to set the CoverGirl brand on fire – with glitz, glam and a whole lot of inspiration.