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Here are a couple of websites and ideas to help you stay comfy the rest of the summer and this fall! This guide offers a variety of options of affordable but adorable loungewear pieces to keep you comfy all the time, but can also be worn everywhere— except maybe an expensive dinner.


1. Your first step is to find a comfy pair of shorts that you can sleep in but also run to the grocery store in for some late-night snacks. These “Supersoft Terry Lounge Shorts” from Gap are PERFECT and so versatile. They can be worn to the beach, to bed, or to a friend’s house– pretty much anywhere.


2. If you are more of a pants person, Aerie is the place for you. Their joggers are to die for. Their softness is incomparable and they are super affordable. These “Aerie Weekend Joggers” are amazing to wear around the house or you could even dress them up for a stroll around the town. You could wear them to class and no one would think twice. They come in a variety of colors, but gray is sure to go with any top. The best part is Aerie usually has a ton of sales all the time, so if you keep your eye out you can probably get your items for twenty-five to fifty percent off!


3. Aerie also has amazing soft t-shirts and long sleeves that will keep you cozy any day, any time. Their options would go with any of the bottoms shown above but can also be paired with a nicer pair of bottoms, like jean shorts, and look amazing. This “Aerie Linen Breezy Henley T-Shirt” is super soft but also super versatile. It comes in so many different colors if you are more of a bright or basic color person. Don’t forget about the discounts!


4. The last piece would be a super comfy, oversized/cropped/regular sweatshirt. Target has a bunch of options for all! Shown below is their “Lounge Sweatshirt - Colsie.” This is a super simple sweatshirt but it has some small little details, like its stitching and cuffs, that make it unique! Target has so many options for all different sizes and types of sweatshirts. Their options are almost endless, and they are all super affordable. 


The most important thing to remember is to wear whatever you are comfortable in whether you are lounging or doing something else. These pieces hopefully give you some insight into options you have for loungewear no matter what you are doing or where you are. Stay cozy!


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