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Lewisburg’s Newest: Amami Kitchen and Espresso Bar

While it may sound cliché, there is no question that college students love their coffee. Whether we need it because we’re exhausted from our late-nights in the library writing a paper or because we were out with our friends, Bucknell collegiettes know the importance of a good steaming Cup of Joe when we wake up. And on those mornings when you’re out of Keurig cups and 7th Street just isn’t doing it for you, downtown Lewisburg now has a solution to your dilemma: Amami Kitchen & Espresso Bar.

Amami’s wooden tables and rustic decorations give it the perfect home-y vibe every great coffee shop strives for. While it may be on Market Street, it feels like you’ve been transported to the streets of Manhattan as soon as you step inside. Amami understands the notion of a college student on a budget because even specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos are no more than $4. While Amami’s menu may be small, their food is simple and delicious. Their menu is just the right amount of comfort breakfast foods, like a bacon egg and cheese or delicious homemade scones with a different special soup, salad, and panini daily. The staff is also super friendly. Emily Goldman ’18, one of Amami’s first customers on opening day, raves about how “clear it is that the owner of Amami is eager to share his incredible barista experience and dedication to satisfying his customers with delicious food and drink.”

We at Her Campus Bucknell are just as excited to have this new place in town as he is to share it with us. You can be sure that the within the next few weeks, more and more photos of chai teas speckled with cinnamon and lattes with pretty designs will be appearing all over your Instagram feed. This eclectic cafe is sure to be a new hotspot where Bucknellians can be found sipping on a warm drink with their heads buried in a textbook.

Keep up with Amami on their Facebook Page:


And make sure to stop by on 512 Market Street.

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